Tired of changing out 1 kg spools often?

Tired of changing out 1 kg spools often?

When you have a high quality 3d printing material, why limit yourself to 1kg spools?

There are some clear benefits to using 2kg filament spools:

  • Once your filament is dialed in, you can run longer prints without changing filaments mid way
  • Easier to handle larger prints without needing to think "is there enough?"
  • No need to change out 1kg spools as often
  • Environmentally friendlier

    2kg 3d filament spools

    Check out Filaments.ca wide selection of 2kg spools - Click Here

    Filaments.ca can custom produce 1kg-30kg spools of any Filaments.ca brand in-house material. If you require more information please contact info@filaments.ca



    Hi Mike,
    This looks like an awesome project, LET’S DO IT!
    Let’s talk via email about the details.
    Filaments.ca Team
    Happy Printing

    Mike Iammatteo
    Mike Iammatteo

    Hello there Filaments.ca!

    I have purchased your spools and I must say, I love the quality. Every time I have been to the store, I feel welcomed. I have a question for you. I am entering a costume contest next year (with serious potential) and I am working on a very large scale project: http://vignette3.wikia.nocookie.net/warhammer40k/images/1/14/BD_Astartes.png/revision/latest?cb=2014120821130
    as I am going to need over 12kg for this, would your company be willing to sponsor me? I would have your logo on the armor and on the banner that will be carried around, not to mention hand out business cards and constantly plug the site on my youtube build videos. If this sounds even remotely possible, I would love to hear back from you guys.

    Thank you for your time!,
    Mike Iammatteo

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