Official News & Updates

New FormFutura Premium PLA Filament CanadaApril 24, 2020

Premium PLA Filament by FormFutura now available in Canada:   Premium PLA - Strong Black - 1.75mm Premium PLA - Frosty White - 1.75mm Premium PLA - Transparent - 1.75mm

NatureWorks Ingeo PLA 3D850 & 3D870 Now Available CanadaMarch 03, 2020

Ingeo PLA 3D850 & 3D870 3D printing filaments now available! PLA 3D850 for sharp high quality 3D prints! PLA 3D870 for super strong, functional and highly durable objects! Shop 3D850in 1.75mm Shop 3D870in 1.75mm Shop 3D850in 2.85mm Shop 3D870in 2.85mm

EconoFil™ MATTE PLA now available CanadaMay 29, 2019

EconoFil™ MATTE PLA is now available!Perfect for low gloss, low sheen 3D prints!   SHOPMATTE PLAIN 1.75MM SHOPMATTE PLAIN 2.85MM

Introducing TRUE FOOD SAFE & BIOCOMPATIBLE PETG 3D Printer Filament CanadaApril 25, 2019 is introducing a new food-safe line of 3D printing filament. 3D printing has proven popular for creating unique designs for cookie cutters and cake toppers, bringing personality to baking, as well as for more utilitarian tasks such as customized kitchen tools for restaurants, bakeries, and home cooks alike. Special care must be taken, though, for any 3D printing projects that will have contact with food, as both material and 3D printing process must be geared toward these applications. Contamination of material or finished product is a big concern -- and a new line of food-safe filament was created with these concerns in mind.’s new material line is set to bring the benefits of 3D printing into a wider variety of delectable applications.