Exclusive distribution rights in Canada for the ColorFabb, FormFutura, NinjaTek and Polymaker

A One-Stop- Shop for 3D Printing Filament in Canada

When it comes to the global 3D printing industry, some regions do harness the headlines and stand as beacons of activity — both on the industrial front and the maker scene. The US and Europe are two cases in point and we’re not here to disavow that fact. Here at

Filaments.ca we are big fans of 3D printing and the power it is placing in the hands of
creative people all around the world. However, we’re also big fans of Canada, and the
diverse and growing 3D printing ecosystem that is springing up across this nation.
We exist to be a part of that Canadian ecosystem and to supply the broadest possible range of 3D printing filaments across Canada — for professionals, schools, FabLabs, Maker Labs and, of course, individuals.

At Filaments.ca, we understand that the diversity of 3D printing applications today demand and equally diverse range of material options. As both a manufacturer and a distributor, Filaments.ca has been set up to provide the widest possible choice of 3D printing filaments, together with a fast and efficient service at the lowest possible price for Canadian natives.

To this end, Filaments.ca is delighted to announce it has completed four new exclusive reseller deals with four of the most popular specialty 3D printing materials manufacturers outside of Canada.

exclusive distribution rights in canada 3d printing

As of October 2016, Filaments.ca can confirm that it has exclusive distribution rights in Canada for the ColorFabb, FormFutura, NinjaTek and Polymaker brands of 3D printing materials. This is a breakthrough moment for the company and one that we believe really establishes its firm foundations in Canada’s 3D printing ecosystem.

As applications for 3D printing grow week on week, the simple choice between PLA and ABS is no longer good enough. This is why specialty filament developers continue to up their productivity. Dutch company, ColorFabb is an excellent example, developing and manufacturing high quality PLA and PHA blended 3D printing filaments as well as an extended range of exotic filament blends which include its metal-fill range (copper/steel/brass/bronze), wood-fill range (wood/cork/bamboo) and co-polyester range (XT/HT/NGEN/NGEN Flex).

The company’s focus on quality is akin to ours at Filaments.ca and thus collaborating with them to bring this range of 3d printing filaments to customers across Canada was an easy choice.

The ColorFabb team obviously feel the same way, when asked to comment on working with us, they said: “We are excited to work with  as our premium Canadian distributor. Co-operating with  is a logical next step for ColorFabb to bring our latest 3D printing filaments to the Canadian market. ’s expertise and experience within distribution of 3D printing filaments in Canada will bring a lot of value to ColorFabb’s customers, existing and new.”

A company that works on a similar premise is FormFutura, which only works with suppliers who share its vision for high quality 3D printer filaments enabling them to produce filaments in line with the highest manufacturing standards and the ability to guarantee colours, tolerances and print quality. Formfutura’s specialty range of filaments is exemplary, and includes AquaSolve (PVA), CarbonFil, ClearScent ABS, TitanX, MagicFil Thermo PLA, FlexiFil TPC, and Crystal Flex. FormFutura’s quality standard extends out to its partnerships and, notably, working with Filaments.ca in Canada. Commenting on the new collaboration,

FormFutura’s Co-Founder Rien Schuurhuis, said: “Filaments.ca has been a loyal and reliable business partner of Formfutura for many years. I see it as a natural progression of our relationship that we have signed 

Filaments.ca is also proud to be working in partnership with NinjaTek — another high performance material supplier focused on developing specialty 3D printing filament
materials for end users in the industrial space. Building on the success of its flagship product — NinjaFlex — a leading flexible filament with unique performance characteristics and consistent product quality, the multidisciplinary team continues to bring new materials to the market, which now includes Canada, thanks to the exclusive deal with Filaments.ca. The

The company believes that “Filaments.CA is well positioned in the Canadian market. This partnership allows us to better service our Canadian customers in providing local distribution and competitive pricing.

Filaments.ca’s partnership with Polymaker is once again centred on quality 3D printing
materials, with a further commitment to materials innovation and sustainability. The goal here is to offer “safe and clean” materials for the 3D printing industry that go beyond current standards. Polymaker continues to develop a rapidly growing portfolio of materials, which will now be made available, economically, to Canadian customers.

These four new partnerships greatly extend Filament.ca’s supplier list of both local and
international suppliers, and all will undergo our rigorous quality inspections.

In closing this post, the two main take-aways for our clients after noting the vast extension of our portfolio is that by sourcing from a Canadian supplier the need to import 3D printing materials from the US or Europe is negated, along with the fairly hefty shipping fees, taxes, duties and brokerage fees. Moreover, at Filaments.ca we are completely hardware neutral, all of our resources are strictly focused on 3D printing materials and we can help you to source the filament you need, at
the time you need it — providing a fast, efficient and economically viable service.

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