PURGE PLUS - Cleaning Filament - 1.75mm

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The new Filaments.ca PURGE PLUS filament is our latest house brand unique patent pending cleaning filament! Designed to maintain the extruder head and nozzle of your 3D printer clean and lubricated! Made right here in Canada!

PURGE Filament cleans and lubricates your extruder head and nozzle, removing hardened contaminants and built up residue. We strongly recommend using PURGE filament on a regular preventative maintenance schedule to significantly extend the life of your extruder and keep it working trouble free.

And now, in combination with the newly included unclogging needle, our PURGE filament system not only maintains your print head assembly but can also break through clogged nozzles and flush away contamination and burnt bits.

Recommended uses:

  • Break through clogged nozzles using the included needle and flush away contaminants with the PURGE filament.
  • Between material changes. (PURGE filament extrudes over a very wide temperature range and can be used between any material changes, regardless of their melting temperatures.)
  • Between color changes. (Perfect for ensuring no previously used colors bleed into your current print. PURGE filament is colorless.)
  • By shutting down your 3D printer and starting up your machine with a small amount of the PURGE filament loaded in the extruder, you will significantly extend the life of your extruder, nozzle and print head assembly. This is especially important if the printer will not be used for long periods of time.
  • Works great for "cold pulls".

For best results, please follow the directions included on the packaging.

Compatible with all filament printers.

PURGE Filament comes packaged as a coil (not on a spool) approximately 3 meters long inside a resealable bag and includes a durable nozzle cleaning needle. In most cases this will be enough for at least 10 to 20 uses or even more depending on your maintenance procedures.

Purge cleaning 3D printer filament Canada

Purge cleaning 3D printer filament Canada