STONE Filaments

Stone Based Material for 3D Printer Filament

Stone filaments are a mineral based filament that can be used in most desktop 3D printers. The stone filament prints easily, similar to PLA, and can have a smooth finish or a rough texture based on the extrusion temperature.

The material shows very little warp and does not need to be printed on a heated bed. The material is brittle compared to other 3D printer filaments, so it is best for models and especially great for architectural models.

The extrusion temperature ranges similar to PLA, from 180C - 200C with 185C being the normal extrusion temperature. Hotter temperatures will result in a rougher texture.

In general, if you have printed with PLA you should be able to quickly start printing with stone filament. sells premium quality PLA 3D Printer filament in Canada for the lowest prices.