What are the Benefits of Using PLA Metal Filament?

Learn about the advantages of using different types of PLA filaments for 3D printing.

Polylactic Acid or PLA filament is the most popular material used for 3D printing. It is available in a variety of styles and colours, making it an ideal choice for a wide range of applications. Whether you want vibrant shades or unique blends, PLA 3D printer filament is a perfect option.

Benefits of Using PLA Filament

The primary reasons why people prefer PLA filaments for 3D printing are as follows:

  • PLA filaments are easy-to-use
  • They are aesthetically pleasing
  • They provide precise results
  • They come in a variety of blends and colours
  • They are perfect for rapid prototyping when the form is more important than function
  • They offer a glossy and smooth finish
  • PLA metal filaments are better suited for parts and components that require fine details

Different Types of PLA Filament & their Advantages

1. Brass

Brass Metal Composite HTPLA - 1.75mm

It is an alloy of zinc and copper and consists of brass particles and Polylactic acid. This makes it more flexible than copper and bronze. It provides lustre and can be polished to get brass metallic shine.

We carry a wide range of PLA metal filaments, including brass composite that are durable and offer beautiful finishing.

2. Copper

MetalFil - Classic Copper - 2.85mm

This type is made of copper particles and Polylactic acid. It looks and feels like copper metal. In addition to this, it can also be polished to provide a smooth and shiny finishing.

Filaments.ca features classic copper metal PLA filament - 2.85mm as well as copper metal filament 1.75mm. It is perfect for all FDM 3D printers and ensures stable 3D printing results.

3. Bronze

Bronze Metal Composite HTPLA - 2.85mm

It is an alloy of tin and copper metal. As the name indicates, the bronze filament consists of bronze particles and Polylactic acid. It is a durable material that feels and looks like the metal itself.

At Filaments.ca, we carry bronze metal composite - 2.85mm that prints like plastic and offers a finishing like real metal. Using the right printing technique can ensure excellent results with a smooth, clean, and bright finish.

4. Visual Appeal

EcoTough™ PLA Filament - Gunmetal Grey - 1.75mm

If you are looking to add a hint of colour to your printing material, you must use PLA metal filament. They are available in a variety of shades. You can choose the ones that meet your needs and get excellent prints in no time.

We have a wide selection of metallic filaments in several colours, including EcoTough™ PLA Filament in Gunmetal Grey, Galactic Empire Metallic Purple HTPLA filament, and 1.75mm metallic blue HTPLA filament. They are made of high-quality materials and are more durable than standard products.

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