Regen PHA Compostable Biobased Filament - RED ORANGE - 1.75mm - 0.75KG

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Regen PHA 3D Printing Filament Canada

PHA 3D filament Made with REGEN™!

Innovative Canadian bioplastic, made without oil or toxic additives; 100% Biobased, compostable & non-toxic!

REGEN™ is a 100% bio-based and compostable bioplastic made by BOSK Bioproducts and extruded into 3D filament by

This Canadian made PHA compound is a sustainable alternative to conventional plastic. It contains no fossil-based or toxic chemical additives. Compared to the commonly used PLA, REGEN™ filaments are less brittle, are stronger with a smoother matte finish, display higher heat deflection temperatures, and biodegrade faster.

3D printing filaments made with REGENTM are entirely biobased, compostable and made in Canada. 3D printing can transform an electronic file into any object. But it is also known for many plastic waste due to failed prints. By offering fully biobased and compostable filaments, BOSK wanted to provide a solution to the 3D printing industry. Compared to commonly used PLA filaments, made with REGEN™ filaments will biodegrade faster and will offer improved performance. They make it possible to print parts that are tougher, less brittle, with a smoother matte finish and better heat resistance.

  • Excellent physical and mechanical properties comparable to those of traditional oil-based plastics.
  • 100% Biobased, does not contain recycled plastic or oil. Only ingredients from plant biomass.
  • Allows compostable certification based on recognized standards (ASTM D6400 / ISO 17088) for products made with REGEN PHA up to 3mm thickness.
  • Non-toxic and safe for many applications.
  • Compounded & Extruded in Canada.
  • Available in small or large quantities.

Stronger than PLA:

Better Heat Resistance:

PHA 3D Printing Filaments Canada

PHA 3D Filaments Made in Canada

Printing Guidelines:

PHA can be printed using common PLA print settings, however we recommend following the guidelines below for optimal results based on our test findings. Since PHA is still a relatively new material, we encourage you to further experiment using your own methods and settings. Please share your printing experiences and findings with us; we are always looking to learn more about the possibilities of this material and share it with the community.

  • Printing Temp: Between 185°C and 205°C.
    The optimal temperature seems to be ~ 190°C
  • Bed Temperature: Cold to 40°C.
    We've noticed more warping with higher bed temperatures on some parts.
  • Bed Surface: Will stick to all common printing surfaces.
    You may experience warping with large flat parts, we recommend applying a glue stick to the print surface.
    Experiment with even stronger bed adhesives such as 3D Gloop for larger parts.
    No adhesion issues with steel beds.
  • Part Cooling Fan: OFF
    Fan can be turned ON for bridging and overhang areas.
  • Printing Speed: 40mm/s
    Simple geometries and larger parts can be printed at much higher speeds. However since PHA is slow to cool, we recommend slower speeds for smaller parts with shallow angles and overhangs in order to allow each layer sufficient time to naturally cool down and harden. This will produce a smoother finish.
  • Layer Height: 0.2mm or lower.
    Performs great for high resolution prints! For thicker layers, printing temperature and speed may need to be tweaked.
  • Flow Rate: 97%
    We found this flow rate to work great for smooth high resolution prints. Feel free to increase this to 100% or more if you notice gaps between the horizontal layer lines.
  • Drying: Pre-drying is recommended but not crucial. (75°C - 95°C for 4 to 8 hours).
  • When purging the material, some steam may be visible coming our of the nozzle, even after drying; this is normal and does not have any effect on the printing performance or mechanical properties of the part based on our tests.
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